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About Dickson's Mill

Dickson's Mill is a Modern Brewer of Craft Beer. We are made up of hospitality Professionals from the Beer and Food industry. Strong clean flavours Are a hall mark of our products and those same themes resonate through to the venues that we build.

Dickson's Mill as a company was born from the ideals and technology that John Dickson (1774-1843, engineer, manufacturer, and grazier) brought to Sydney, Australia from England in 1813.

John Dickson developed advancements in steam engines and modern milling which allowed him to build the first Milling plant for grain in 1815. During 1826 John Dickson built one of Australia's first breweries, using the simple and yet most time honoured best business practices of quality ingredients and services.

Pure clean water, high grade barley and malt, yeast and modern technologies were the basis Of John Dickson's business plan back in 1813. This is the same business blueprint that we at Dickson's Mill are using for all our Breweries and Grills, 200 years later.

Dickson's Mill Brewing


If by definition the best beer is the freshest beer, then the Freshest Beer can only occur when the tap the beer is poured from, draws directly from the Tank it is made in. So that is what we will do.

Dickson's Mill Beer

Strong flavour with responsible drinking.

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